SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 showcase program
SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 has already been held. Thank you for coming.
SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 has already been held. Thank you for coming.

In the Showcase Program of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, which aims to create a sustainable city that combines nature and convenience, programs are available to experience the future of Tokyo at all four venues.
 This event has already been held. Thank you for coming. 

Closing Ceremony

The Showcase Program introduces cutting-edge technologies across various genres. The following pages offer a glimpse into these technologies through categorized content.


About each venue

"Visitors can encounter technologies that ignite their imagination, as well as initiatives focused on sustainability and other endeavors poised to transform Tokyo’s way of life. Workshops, crafted to translate ideas into tangible forms, will cultivate children’s ability to draw inspiration."
The venue offers visitors an opportunity to discover the excitement of the future through experiences such as eating, playing, riding, and buying, while also comparing Tokyo's traditions dating back to the Edo period with the city of the future from various perspectives.
Utilizing the Central Breakwater area's unique setting, encompassing land, sea, and sky, the venue will feature demonstrations and exhibitions showcasing various cutting-edge technologies, along with interactive experiences. We will conduct a tour to introduce the Priority Project, which aims to realize the urban city that Tokyo envisions for the future.
Visitors can journey forward in time to the Tokyo of 2050 by passing through a visual passage where future news stories are projected. The visual effects are themed around various aspects of life such as food, clothing, shelter, shopping, and transportation modes, allowing visitors to experience the future thanks to state-of-the-art technologies.

Message from Executive Committee Chairperson
辻 愛沙子(株式会社arca 代表取締役社長)

Tokyo — what kind of city is it? A city of gourmet delights, technology, or business? Two hundred years ago, Edo (as Tokyo was known then) was a big city, already home to one million people. With such a large population sharing daily life, challenges inevitably arose, including the risk of disasters. The city eventually grew into a major metropolis while confronting numerous challenges associated with its residents and the Earth’s environment. We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and we therefore believe in our ability to shape the future. It is my hope that this event will provide an opportunity to reflect the voices of each of us in shaping Tokyo's future.

Asako Tsuji
Chairperson, Showcase Program
Executive Committee
(CEO of Arca, Inc)

SusHi Tech Tokyo 
2024 Official App

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The official app of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 enables you to make reservations for Showcase Program tickets and display your reserved tickets. The app also provides access to venue maps and timetables. In a nutshell, the app offers various functions to enhance your visit experience to the venues. Make sure to download it before your visit.

*Information on the app will be updated as necessary.

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We've started
a SusHi Tech Tokyo "Mirai Channel"!

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The “Mirai-chans,” children who will lead the future, will thoroughly cover the future tech created by various companies and performers appearing in the SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Showcase Program!! Kirari Murayama has been appointed as leader of the Mirai-chans! You can see the Mirai-chans and their friends asking tough questions, doing interviews, and experiencing various technologies! In this channel, you can feel closer to the SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Showcase Program!

Videos streaming now!                                                                                                                                      



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Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, a maker of musical instruments and festival equipment with a history of over 160 years, has partnered with RDS, a developer of cutting-edge products, to introduce an updated version of a “dashi” traditional festival float. The float features a distinctive turtle-shaped cockpit and an LED monitor aimed at energizing the event. The updated float also boasts an inclusive design that allows anyone to participate. The float will be showcased at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and Ariake Arena during the event.


The program introduces an updated version of traditional Japanese “ondo” dancing, featuring live performances choreographed by dancer FISHBOY set to a musical piece by artist Nariaki Obukuro. This piece combines traditional Japanese and futuristic elements. The performance venues include Ariake Arena and a stage at Symbol Promenade Park.

#Speech bubble to the Future

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We asked many people who live in Tokyo, including those who are cooperating with the SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Showcase Program, what they envision for the future of Tokyo.

Showcase Programs
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